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How To Style Your House With Pendant Lights

Your home’s lighting fixtures are more important than you think. Aside from lighting all of the areas in your house, your lighting fixture can also affect the mood of the people staying inside and the overall ambiance of the space. For a lighting fixture that meets all of these requirements, learn more about pendant lights. This lighting fixture works as a functional and decorative piece, perfect for any type of homes. Pendant lights are basically any lighting fixture that hangs down from the ceiling with a chain or rod. Because it’s suspended with a single line, pendant lights mimic the look of a pendant on a necklace, thus the name. Pendant lights [come in limitless options][1], making it easy for you to match your home’s existing decors. Before you can enjoy the benefits of using pendant lights, it’s important that you know how to style your home with it first. Take note of the tips below to help you get started: **1. Create A Focal Point In Rooms By Placing Pendant Lights Over A Table** As mentioned, your lighting fixtures can affect the ambiance of a room. Pendant lights that can be dimmed can make the room feel cozier while pendant lights that give off bright lights can encourage conversations. These are some of the reasons why homeowners are placing pendant light over a table in their dining areas. If you’re thinking of doing the same, make use of these tips: - Generally, pendant lights should be hung about 28 to 32 inches over a table. But since there are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to pendant lighting, you can opt to suspend it higher or lower, depending on your ceiling height, fixture diameter and personal preference. - To take it up a notch, use several pendant lights above a rectangular table. Doing this will not only make the table well-lit, but it can also do wonders for the aesthetics of the space. **2. Revamp Your Kitchen Space By Adding Pendant Lights Above Your Kitchen Island** Traditionally, [kitchens are utilized as areas to prepare and cook meals][2]. But today, things have changed, and kitchens are now used to socialize and bond with other people. Because of this, kitchen bars and islands are now a staple in every home. If you have one of these and you’re looking for ways to revamp your kitchen, pick the right pendant lights. Adding this fixture in your kitchen might be the only thing you’ll need to spice up your kitchen. Here are some styling tips to consider during the process: - A rule of thumb to follow when using pendant lights above the kitchen island is to hang the fixtures around 12 to 20 inches below an 8-foot ceiling. As the height of the ceiling increases, add three inches to pendant lights. This means that if you have a 9-foot ceiling, your pendant light should be hung around 15-23 inches below it. - Regardless of the pendant lights you choose, make sure that it doesn’t block the views across the kitchen. Keep in mind that you’ll be using your kitchen island for working, and having these fixtures block your view can become stressful. **3. Light Up The Way By Using Pendant Lights In Your Hallways** Lighting fixtures are vital in your [hallways][3]. Instead of lighting up the way by merely using light bulbs or wall sconces, opt to use pendant lights for a more unique and appealing look. When using pendant lights in your hallways, always consider the following tips: - The lighting fixture you use for your hallways can provide drama and beauty to your home. By using the right pendant lights, your hallways can even become the focal point of your home. - If your hallways have tall ceilings, avoid placing the pendant lights too high. The pendant lights in your hallways should be installed in the middle so it can provide light to the entire width of the space. - You can also hang several pendant lights in one row of the hallway to create a classic look. Just make sure that you consider the space the doors will occupy once these are opened. You should have enough clearance so that none of your pendant lights will be damaged. **Make Careful Decisions** Buying pendant lights will still cost money from your pocket. Make sure that you end up buying the right piece by considering the size of the room where you’re going to place the fixture and your home’s theme. It’ll be easier for you to narrow down your options if you know what factors to consider. [1]: https://www.fatshackvintage.com.au/collections/pendant-lights/ [2]: https://www.marketsandfairs.com.au/Business/KITCHEN-GADGETS [3]: https://www.forbes.com/sites/houzz/2013/09/19/8-ways-to-dress-up-a-drab-hallway/

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