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 From humble beginnings "Australian Markets and Fairs" has always had a focus,  bringing all aspects of markets, fairs, stall holders, special events, agricultural shows and all associated facets of the industry together in one media place.  

Lynette Rayner and her late husband Rick, were marketeers who saw the need for a magazine in the first instance, to list all markets in Australia with relevant information about the market. One hundred issue`s  later, it is still the most comprehensive guide available. The original web site, "" was a natural progression, and now with our new interactive web site we will be able to keep you more informed and up to date than before.  One hundred issue`s later and Lynette is still editor  of "Australian Markets and Fairs", and is still a guiding influence not only to our staff and colleagues, but also to the market community. 

 We set out to make this new web site, simple, easy to use and informative and by achieving  that, appealing to a larger audience in the market place. Registering above costs nothing, but allows you to, list your market or special event on the web and in the magazine, (paid options also available), subscribe to the magazine, newsletter, or even book mark an event for when you next log on. Registering is simple, non intrusive and costs nothing.

"Australian Markets and Fairs"  will evolve with times, but not forget, setting up  a stall at 6am on a cold wet Saturday, or saying thank you to our numerous friends and supporters along the way . Thank you.