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Spuddy Buddy


Phone: 0408 995 063


Exciting business opportunity as a going concern.

We are looking for suitable persons interested in operating or purchasing our Spuddy Buddy jacket baked potato van and business.

Spuddy Buddy is a mobile jacket baked potato food van and business operating in Regional and Central Western NSW .

Our eye-catching van continues to be hugely popular at festivals, ag shows, field days, NYE celebrations, expos and special events. It's the healthiest meal you can find at most of those events and fantastic value for money. It's now common to see customers queuing up and return several times across a single event!

The van is equipped with a state of the art UNOX Cheftop oven - which is not only an excellent way to bake potatoes - but also opens up the potential for expanding the current operation into a comprehensive catering business.

Many of our bookings are now established as regular events on the calendar, with requests and enquiries continuously coming in through our website,

For more information and details of this business opportunity, please call John on 0408 995 063.

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