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The Magazine - Australian Markets & Fairs 

Australian Markets and Fairs Magazine is now in its 23rd year of circulation.  The magazine is a 124 page comprehensive national guide to Markets and Events, also with a wholesale section ranging from insurance to traders required for Markets and Events. Published and distributed quarterly  Australian Markets and Fairs Magazine is available from newsagencies, Via our subscription service and even at many markets through our independent distributors for as low as $7.00 incl GST.

Australian Markets and Fairs Magazine started off on the 3rd of October 1993, with a 16 page black and white NSW guide of Markets and Events in the Sydney region for as little as $2.00. Within its first year Markets and Fairs had grown to 100 pages started printing a colour gloss cover with a handful of spot colour adverts ( reds and blues) , expanded to Queensland and Victoria and not to mention won the local Best New Business Award in 1994. Wow what a year!

Within 18 months the Magazine was nation wide and 144 pages. In 1999 Markets and Fairs won the Telstra and New South Wales Government Small Business Award for Commonwealth Micro – Business of the year. With only entering two business competitions and winning both and with many famous Australian faces appearing in the magazine through out the 90’s some of those include Angry Anderson, Kostya Tzyu, The Honourable Mr Olsen Premier of South Australia and The Honourable Robert Carr M.P Premier of N.S.W .It was clear that Markets and Fairs was well on the way to becoming the only comprehensive guide to markets and events nationwide.

 By the early 2000’s Markets and Fairs, had started printing full colour adverts on particular pages through out the magazine. In March 2010 APN Print became the magazines new printers and Markets and Fairs took a giant step forward with full colour adverts appearing more frequently on the pages of the magazine. By 2011 Markets and Fairs Magazine had a readership of 34,000 readers and had introduced a four gloss pages to then 144 page magazine and was still the only one of its kind on the shelves.


“I find the Markets and Fairs Mag is not only good for getting new stallholders also to refer them to Insurance Company's. Visitors from interstate use it as a guide when on holiday, a great way of cross marketing. Right across the country it's the one hard copy I like to keep. “

- Eileen Fiederling  0412 910 496
Yarraville Farmers Market coordinator


We congratulate Lynette and the team at Markets and Fairs for the 100th Issue.  We know from over 15 years  experience with Markets and Fairs  Magazine, that hard work and customer focus has produced an iconic  publication dedicated to the Markets community all over Australia.  What a great service for us all, and may the next 100 issues continue to be jam packed with information, advice and inspiration.  

Diane Hinds and Morna Whiting  Old Bus Depot Markets – Canberra
Australian Tourism Hall of Fame.

Market stalls are an integral part of our Festival's, and Markets and Fairs gives us direct access to a wide readership of stall holders & potential festivalgoers, & holds real weight in the industry. Markets & Fairs is a must do media spend for festivals.

- Rachael Stewart, Communications Manager, The Festival Company
(Peats Ridge & Surry Hills Festival)


Newsagents:  Australian Markets & Fairs™ retails for $7 and is distributed nationally to newsagents every three months via Wrapaway Distributors Phone: (02) 9550 1622  or  email:

Subscription available: - see below.

Independent Agents: Also available directly at many markets through independent distributors.  If the magazine is not available in your area, why don't you consider being a Markets & Fairs™ distributor? Earn money while going to the markets!  Available on 'Sale or Return' basis. Contact us on (02) 4657 2597 or