TRADERS - Are you looking for another way to reach customers? EVENT ORGANISERS - Are you looking for a batter way to manage your bookings? Our fully-integrated, cutting edge technology platform is for you! Traders: How about supplementing your weekend stalls with pop-up displays or signage inside shopping centres. Customer targeting, different spaces types available, low rates and high foot traffic areas - are all great reasons to promote in a retail environment. Choose from centres nation wide and manage multiple bookings all in one place. Event Oganisers: consider listing your sites on our platform for a faster, easier, cheaper process. Just like hotel and car apps, our technology matches spaces available to a bookers search criteria, at the touch of a button. Space owners and managers are joining us daily to reap the benefits of instant bookings, on-site incident management, check-ins via the app and real time management information. Phone: 1300 88 00 83 [www.anyspaces.com][1] [1]: http://www.anyspaces.com

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