How To Choose A Quality Folding Marquee For A Market Stall

**How To Choose A Quality Folding Marquee For A Market Stall** Putting up a marquee at a local market is of the essence for several reasons. The pop up gazebo can protect your goods while separating your shop from other sellers. Without a marquee, it’s going to be tough to gather your wares when it rains. Still, it doesn’t mean you should buy just any marquee you can find. Prioritize quality during your search, and you shouldn’t encounter significant problems regarding protection from the elements while you’re selling at a market. Thus, here are nine tips to help you choose a high-quality folding marquee for your market stall. **1. Coordinate Size With Capacity** The best marquee is different for each seller. A retailer might opt for a relatively small pop up gazebo, while others may consider a large-sized tent that can fit an entire crowd. Choosing the right folding marquee means selecting the best size for your specific needs. Consider thinking about the expected number of people that can fit inside the gazebo at any given time. Here's a quick list of marquee sizes and the possible number of standing people that can fit in each one of them: 1. 12 ft. x 12 ft.: 20 people 2. 20 ft. x 10 ft.: 30 people 3. 20 ft. x 20 ft.: 60 people 4. 20 ft. x 40ft.: 120 people 5. 30 ft. x 30 ft.: 130 people 6. 30 ft. x 30 ft.: 192 people 7. 30 ft. x 50 ft.: 240 people Take note that the maximum number of people stated above will look like a pack of sardines. So, you should also consider breathing and walking rooms when you [buy a quality pop up marquee](https://technishelter.com.au/marquees/). For example, if you choose a 12 ft. x 12 ft. marquee, think that only about 15 people can efficiently walk around the tent at any period. Any figure higher than 15 might make the inside of the tent look crowded. Moreover, consider the dimensions of the plot of land you have rented in the marketplace. Take note that you can't fit a 30 ft. x 40 ft. pop up gazebo in a 20 ft. x 20 ft. area. **2. Choose The Best Cover Material** Different folding marquees come with different materials for the cover. Some of the marquee materials you’ll see are: **- Polyethylene (PE)** PE offers high-quality specs at a relatively low price point. Many market sellers tend to choose this material over other options because of its low price. This heavy-duty material is a plastic or tarpaulin-coated component that can take on the various elements, ranging from the hot summer sun to heavy rains. Extra parts are also available on the market if you rip some areas of the tent accidentally. Moreover, PE is easy to clean and maintain. Use a damp cloth or rag to clean its surface, and you should finish the job in a few minutes. PE pop up marquees are ideal for marketplace retailers who don’t want to spend too much time cleaning the material. **- Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)** PE isn’t the only heavy-duty material for good quality folding marquees as PVC can also be a durable option for market sellers. PVC is a hard-wearing material, with a luxurious, silky appearance. It can also reduce the harshness of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, and it's also fire-resistant. However, PVC carries one caveat: the weight. Propping up a PVC gazebo can take more effort than intended if you're going to do the task alone. Consider seeking extra pairs of hands to help set up this type of marquee. **- Ripstop PVC** A variant of the standard PVC material, ripstop PVC are woven fabrics that tend to have a nylon construction. Manufacturers of ripstop PVC folding marquees tend to use special reinforcing techniques for their products to make them more resistant against rips and tears. Ripstop PVC is also waterproof, so you can have peace of mind when it rains, knowing that your goods remain nice and dry. But, take note that this PVC variant is more expensive than its conventional counterparts. Consider this material for your folding marquee only if you have the extra cash to spare. **- Canvas** Canvas marquees are ideal for store owners who don't want their customers to feel suffocated inside the tent. PE and PVC are excellent insulators, which can promote distinct pros and cons. These pop up tents can provide warmth during the cold and wet seasons. But, these materials can also absorb extra heat during summer. As a result, customers who walk into your tent during a hot weather might feel cooked or baked upon entry. Conversely, canvas is a breathable material as it can have a 100% cotton construction. Other canvas tent variants tend to flaunt a mixture of cotton and polyester. This material helps promote free airflow within and around the marquee stall. But, it's not waterproof, so you may need to purchase an extra layer of protection to ensure that your wares don't get wet when it rains. If you want to check out an example of the many high-quality folding marquees available, check out the following link: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UqJ1piQG1c](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UqJ1piQG1c). **3. Choose The Tent Pole Material** Don’t avert your eyes from the tent poles when choosing top-quality pop up gazebos. The cover is an integral part of the product, but it doesn’t mean you should disregard thinking about the tent poles. Generally, marquee poles come in two materials: **- Steel** Steel poles are ideal for bad weather, like high winds or heavy rains. But, this material tends to be heavy, which means it’s more challenging to transport. However, the good thing about this is that it’s a more cost-effective option than aluminium despite the higher cost. **- Aluminium** Aluminium is a more inexpensive option than steel. This lightweight material is durable and rust-resistant. But, it may not withstand high winds and can topple easily. Choose the right marquee pole material depending on your preferences. However, think about the current weather in the area where the marketplace stands. If it’s going to be relatively sunny with low winds, aluminium poles should suffice. If it’s windy, on the one hand, choose steel poles instead. **4. The Shape Matters** You might see several rectangular-shaped folding marquees on the market. It's because rectangular pop up marquees tend to be ideal for ensuring that customers can see as much of the display as possible. But, this doesn’t mean that rectangular variants are the only models for marquees when talking about shapes. You can also buy these tents in shapes like round and hexagon. You may also consider buying custom-made marquees to help advertise your brand. For example, you might be selling products with a royal theme. Use a custom folding marquee that has your royal mascot sitting on top of the cover. Conversely, choose a marquee design that allows interested consumers to [save money on food](https://www.marketsandfairs.com.au/Blog/Tips-On-Saving-Money-For-Your-Grocery-Needs). Perhaps, a custom sandwich design should suffice. Instead of fillings, however, the sandwich will have a dollar sign in between the slices of bread. Consider your wares when thinking about the shape of the marquee you will be opting for. This folding gazebo is like your billboard that would help you attract customers from afar. **5. Choose The Marquee Type** Marquees come in different shapes and sizes, but these folding tents also come in various types. Some of the different types of marquees to choose from are: **- Trapeze** Trapeze marquees are, perhaps, one of the most eye-catching variants out of all the marquee types. These folding gazebos keep customers impressed as the area will look like an excellent place for an event. Also, trapeze models tend to be wind-resistant variants. Consider using trapeze marquees to make a statement while ensuring your wares don’t get blown off by the strong winds. **- Framed** Several marquees use internal frames to provide structure and support. But, framed marquees are a different sort since these models have external frames. You and your customers will have a clear view of the surroundings, thanks to this design. On the other hand, it also means that your wares become at risk of getting blown off by winds or getting wet from heavy rains. If you decide to use framed marquees, consider adding canopies for extra protection. **- Traditional** Traditional or standard marquees promote vintage aesthetics, which makes them excellent choices for garden-themed markets. Consider using these conventional choices at the farmers market in selling produce. **- Chinese Hat** The Chinese hart marquee stands out from the other types, thanks to its distinct name. It got its name from its design, which looks like a traditional Chinese hat. Like framed models, Chinese hart tents also lack sides, but you can install side panels for extra security from the elements. **- Stretch Tent** Stretch tent marquees are relatively famous in festivals and marketplaces because of their eye-catching design. These models have versatile and flexible properties, allowing them to be ideal choices for different situations and not just for markets. Choose a marquee style that goes well with your shop and goods. Think about the level of safety you need for your wares as some marquee types tend to be more efficient at blocking strong winds and heavy rains than others. **6. Extra Features** Are you looking for a high-quality folding marquee that’s worth the investment? If so, consider using a model with extra embellishments and features. Some features you’d want in your marquee kit may include the following: - Sidewalls: Additional privacy and protection from the sun, rain, and other outdoor elements - Anchor plates: Keep the marquee from toppling over from strong winds - Extra ventilation: Windows and other openings to reduce stuffiness inside the folding gazebo. - Lights: Brighten your market stall by employing lighting fixtures when selling at night - Flowers: Make your market stall stand out from the rest by adding a few (or a lot) of [marquee flowers](https://medium.com/@EventJunkies/make-your-marquee-bloom-a-florists-advice-bd74c71da4f1) Take note that adding extra features to your chosen marquee might increase its price. Remember to consider your budget every step of the way to ensure that you won’t go overboard with the costs. **7. The Ease of Erecting** You don’t want to waste too much time and effort in trying to open a folding marquee. Imagine trying to pop up the tent while your customers are already lining up to see and buy your products. Reduce this customer service-related tragedy from happening by choosing a top-quality folding marquee that can be opened easily. In general, you should set up a pop up marquee in less than 60 seconds. Any period longer than that should be a sign to select other models. Consequently, the folding marquee should also close just as fast (or faster) than the time spent to open the tent. That way, you don't need to struggle to sort things out after a productive day. **8. Check The Price** Remember that a high- quality folding marquee doesn't have to cost your entire spending allowance. Moreover, a low-priced pop up tent doesn't mean it doesn't have decent quality. Nonetheless, always consult your budget when shopping for good-quality folding gazebos. If you’re not in a hurry, make sure to do proper research as some high-priced marquees may not be worth your hard-earned cash. Also, some low-priced models might be just right for your selling needs. Check out online reviews or join forums to ask questions about a particular marquee model. Don’t be shy about posting your concerns and questions as you’re going to invest in a solution that should secure your goods at the market. You might even find it surprising by the number of people who are willing to help solidify your decision. **9. Ask For Customer Service** Although it might not be immediately apparent, excellent customer service from a marquee brand or retailer allows you to gain excellent value for money. You might encounter factory defects or issues from natural calamities that damage or destroy the pop up tent. If so, the marquee provider’s customer service crew should help you out to solve these concerns. **Prioritize Quality** If you’re searching for a high-quality folding marquee for a market stall, always consider the essential factors before proceeding with the purchase. Check factors, like the size, shape, durability, and features of the pop up tent. Also, don't forget to check the price and compare that element with the overall quality of the product. By following these guidelines, you should gain excellent satisfaction from the folding marquee you’ll be opting to buy.

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