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Juice, Smoothie & Coffee Van for Sale

Mountain Juice & Coffee
Juice, Smoothie & Coffee Van for Sale
Mobile Juice, Smoothie & Coffee Van for Sale with exclusive permit to the Mount Coolum National Park - Car Park, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Established business for over 6 years. Permit valid for further 2.5 years. With over 200,000 walkers up Mt Coolum per year this is an ideal location for the Juice Van - but of course you can take to markets and events. Turn fruit into cash and be your own boss. Genuine reason for sale.

Windproof Your Market Stall This Summer

Windproof Your Market Stall This Summer
At last a better solution than bulky gazebo weights.! Introducing the **Windguard Shade Anchoring System** Brisbane Inventor Creig Adams and his team at Windguard have finally developed an integrated anchoring system for all manner of outdoor shade devices that works across grass, sand and concrete. If you are on concrete or in a no pegging zone then the durable WindGuardian weight bag is added on top of the Windguard plate. These water proof bags are so durable and tough that they can be filled with sand, crusher dust, water or a combination of all three to weigh as much as 20 kgs. They can be dropped or thrown while full of material without rupturing and are much easier and quicker to load and unload due to their very wide shovel sized opening. As these bags are compact and inexpensive they can even be kept in reserve by market co-ordinators and deployed quickly in the event of a sudden storm or rented out as additional ballast for tables or signage. If operating on grass in an unrestricted pegging zone, the holes in the corners of the Windguard anchoring device allow up to 4 heavy duty pegs of up to 15 mm in diameter to be used to secure the structure in place. If 4 pegs are used and driven in at an angle away from the centre of the device through the outer angled peg holes then the structure can withstand a lifting force of over 100 kg at each corner. This setup is suitable for extended camping trips and backyard trampolines. If operating on a sandy substrate such as the beach the Windguard attaches to the foot of the structure and is then buried 2-300mm into the sand and flooded with water. This induces a large suction force similar to losing a thong when walking through mud and means it is able to hold down beach umbrellas, 4wd awnings and gazebos on the beach in winds over 20 knots. It can also be used as a lightweight jetski anchor when securing your jetski to the beach. A typical market hard surface set up can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptvA-o6L9YA A video durability comparison is also available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_bjPoxhqHQ Our youtube channel with many more examples is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_kMnHCtzoWZyHlC4PQojRw As a special offer to Market and Fair members we have arranged for a starter set of the windguard anchoring system including a set of 4 anchor plates (for 25 mm legs) and 8 windguardian weight bags to be freighted to your door anywhere in Australia for only $169 – a saving of $42. Just use the code AUSMARKETS on checkout from the online store at windguard.com.au.

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