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Distributors Wanted

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EVERYONE WANTS TO BE THEIR OWN BOSS. Think about it: you set your own hours and work when and where you want to. You can devote all your time and energy to something that you are passionate about, and feel that you are benefiting your clients directly Our goal is to provide you with ongoing support so you will reap the benefits only a Polyzand.com.au distributor will experience.*** As a Authorized polyzand.com.au distributor, you are able to plan your working hours around your life and family. This flexibility will allow you to do things like take your children to school and be there when they get home, and take holidays whenever it suits you. Earn some extra income while socialising and meeting new people who share your passion. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or just want some extra cash, you should definitely consider becoming a distributor for Polyzand.com.au. The opportunities are endless! For any questions you may have, please see FAQ or call your Tony on 0432 736 024 SET YOUR OWN SCHEDULE That’s right – if you’re the boss, you can set your own schedule. Perhaps you’d rather work both weekend days and take two weekdays off? Maybe you’re more productive at night, so you choose to stay up late and burn the midnight oil? When you are your own boss you can design your own schedule but beware, if you are sick, you still need to give the same sort of notice as you would in a regular job, so you will need to reassign your tasks to someone you trust RETAIN CONTROL When you work for others, you have to do things the way your manager wants them done. If you are your own boss, you can set your own standards and follow a plan that you think is best. Treat your business objectives and created processes with the same respect as you’d treat your manager’s. It’s important to set professional service standards early on but it’s also OK to learn things as you go. TURN YOUR PASSION INTO YOUR CAREER Most people don’t get to do what they love for a living and have to perform jobs that don’t really match their interests. When you are your own boss, it might be possible for you to work more closely in an industry that you love, compared to those of us employed within someone else’s company or business. Remember though, that you need to make sure that what you are passionate about is in demand. You may be the world’s best poodle groomer, but if you live in a regional town where only ten people have poodles, your business will not be profitable. In this scenario, you might have to look at other options such as starting a product website, where you sell dog grooming gear to other contractors to add to your profit margin.


Kool Products
KOOL PRODUCTS ICE WINE COOLER **Attention all Gourmet Food, Wine, Flowers and Giftware stallholders**. The Kool Products Ice Wine Cooler is an ideal add-on product which can be easily incorporated into your existing display for very little effort or outlay. - The original Ice Wine Cooler is a great gift idea which fits well with all types of gourmet food and beverage stalls, as well as floral, beachy and gift oriented stalls. It can be made up to suit any theme and compliment your existing display. - Boost your turnover with this unique Ice Wine Cooler which can also be displayed as an Ice Lantern, (particularly effective at night markets). The frozen Cooler keeps beverages cold as well as being a decorative feature on any table. - The product is supported by a comprehensive website, and a demonstration video is available if required. A real eye catcher, the Ice Wine Cooler brings people to your stand as the product is unique. - Low minimum purchase of 12 units will enable you to trial this popular product and see for yourself how easy it is to display and increase your market stall turnover. Call Judie on 0438 316 185, or Graeme on 0499 800 039, for more information. - www.koolproducts.com.au - Facebook: KOOL Products Australia - sales@koolproducts.com.au


LIVE LIFE - MAKE MONEY! ESTABLISHED HEALTH AND WELLNESS BUSINESS FOR SALE. After 3 wonderful years living our dream, we have decided to retire. So now you have the opportunity to begin to live YOUR dreams! Northern Rivers N.S.W. fabulous lifestyle, great range of markets, (Pristine Beaches, Magic Hinterland, Friendly People, Clean Air, Organic Healthy Food); Our fantastic, exclusive range of products sell themselves. Established health - conscious clientele, with great repeat sales, No competition, No comparative products in the region, (Our products have NO equal for quality and effectiveness, due to how they are created); Wonderful Lifestyle - Work 3 days - Play 4 days in Paradise, Have fun selling these sought-after products, We will WORK with you, TRAIN you HOW to sell the products so you will make REAL money from DAY ONE…..GUARANTEED! Plenty of room to expand, other markets available, huge potential to increase profit, All market equipment included, nothing else required to start, Caravan and Light Truck available if required to get you settled, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE, LIVE YOUR DREAMS NOW!

OOLLOOLL - Hand crocheted baskets

OOLLOOLL - Hand crocheted baskets
'Oollooll is an empty beach and pounding waves. It’s a warm sunny day and coastal breeze. It’s the crackling of a campfire and crisp mountain air. It’s a faultless blue sky and wind in the trees. It’s baking dry heat and the smell of a storm. Oollooll is Australia. It’s you and it’s me.' Designed in Australia since 2014, our unique handmade crochet baskets incite nostalgia, reminding us of our heritage and the crafts of years gone by. Oollooll baskets are available in two sizes, five classic neutral colours and two different handle lengths. The full crocheted handle either sits comfortably over your shoulder or on your arm. The baskets are hand crocheted using a single yarn and are set in a mould to create and retain their shape, they are beautiful yet strong and can carry a reasonable weight. The perfect everyday, all use basket for markets, shopping and various activities. We require minimum orders of 20 baskets in assorted colours and sizes. (When merchandising our baskets we display 5 per colour/size across the range which is approximately 50 baskets - see image above.) We are currently looking for stockists and market stall holders to display and sell our products and can guarantee excellent margin on our RRP.


TUMERIX - QUEENSLAND DISTRIBUTORS WANTED - Tumerix QLD is looking for distributors in major centres of QLD from north to south. We want motivated people who see this opportunity as a business, not just a hobby. Turmerix is a Global Product, now selling in many countries. You will enjoy selling this tried and tested product across“Your Patch”A fantastic Product, a Growing Range complete with Training and TV Advertising.  These areas are available: CAIRNS         TOWNSVILLE      MACKAY     ROCKHAMPTON (GONE)     BUNDABERG SUNSHINE COAST (GONE)     BRISBANE X 2 PATCHES     GOLD COAST (GONE ) If this sounds like you (by yourself or in a team0 please get in touch. Phone:           Email:  [qld@buyturmerix.com][1]         Website:  [www.https://buyturmerix.com][1] [1]: http://www.https://buyturmerix.com

5 in 1 Jewellery In Candles

Gem Candles

Beard Oil, Mens Grooming and Tattoo Balm

Lone Society Co.

Business Opportunities



Byron Beef Jerky



Colloidal Silver Minerals

Colloidal Silver Minerals

Distributors Needed for Australian High-Quality Tattoo Care Range

Australian Natural Collection (Tattman).


Magnesium Australia


Everthing Glows

Flux Design Australia - Eco Friendly

Flux Design Australia
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