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Risk & Security Management Ltd
It is an offence to use a registered trade mark with out authorisation from the registered owner or user. It is also an offence to breach the copy right of the owners. The penalties imposed under the Trade Marks Act 1995 and the Copyright Act 1968 allow for fines up to $55,000 and/or 2 years imprisonment. The Anti Counter-fitting Action group (ACAG) is an association of trade mark and copyright owners of many brands in Australia and world wide. If you copy, apply,reproduce or sell goods which bear registered trade marks or copyright with out the owners permission you will be prosecuted. Enquires and information to ACAG: Email: acag@tmis.com.au or Phone: 07 3257 1083

Try OZ BEESWAX today, see why thousands of people love our products

Ozbees Wax
Try OZ BEESWAX today, see why thousands of people love our products
Australian Owned & Operated Oz Beeswax is owned and operated by Jo and her Bees. JoBee has been working with beeswax for the past ten plus years and has had the great pleasure in seeing so many fabulous results from people using these magical oz beeswax products. JoBee has learned many stories from our fabulous bee keepers about; bees, trees, flowers, honey and in particular beeswax. The magical beeswax is gathered from the most magnificent coastal gums, stringy bark, white gum, spotty gums, ironbark, blue gum eucalyptus, from the pristine hives in The Blue Mountains, the NSW South East Coast and also Certified Manuka Beeswax from the Tasmanian Jelly Bush Manuka Bees. Beeswax is Naturally Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Fungal and has been used for centuries for skin and many things. Made from only the finest quality ingredients, sourced exclusively from within Australia, you can always be assured of the quality and value of our products! Attractive and convenient packaging with wholesome 100% natural ingredients makes Oz Beeswax a wonderful moisturiser for all occasions. Over 50,000 happy customers have used our products and that number is growing everyday. Please take time to read what our customers are saying about OzBeeswax. ABSOLUTELY 100% Natural - No Artificial Ingredients - No Parabens - No Petroleum Jelly NON TOXIC and safe to use anywhere on the body and face. From babies to bikies, Try OZ BEESWAX today, it might be just what your looking for.


Albury Envirobags



ATM's for your Business and Events

Roam Event ATMs

Avery Products

Avery Lables

Beautiful Soy Wax Candles, Melts, Custom Plates & Coffee Mugs

Mum's Handmade Soy Wax Candles And Melts

Coffee Trailer available for markets and events

Wake Up and smell the coffee


Complete ATM Services

Customized T-shirt Prints


Flameless Wax Pillar Candles- DISTRIBUTORS WANTED

Smart Candles Australia Pty Ltd
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