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A new marketplace app and website concept

A new marketplace app and website concept
Pre-sign up to Airseekr, a new marketplace app and website concept, to go in to the draw to win a new iPhone 13 (unreleased) here: www.tresbase.com.au/airseekr Airseekr is due to launch in your digital garden this Spring, 2021. No longer do you need to spend hours trawling through online marketplaces looking for items to buy. Airseekr makes buying what you seek simpler. All you need to do is post an ad with the specifics of what you are looking for along with a price range. Once you post your ad, go about your day to give sellers time to make you offers if they have something which matches your ad. If you decide to choose an offer from a seller, you can arrange pick up, postage or delivery directly from the seller and release your payment once you've physically received the item. Airseekr is similar to existing sites and apps except it pairs buyers with sellers for goods rather than for services. Tresbase is diversifying its decades of operating markets to bring you Airseekr, an online version of its physical markets but with a twist. Airseekr is a marketplace where buyers can advertise what they seek. Operating open air marketplaces in Sydney since 1987, we operate Sydney's largest outdoor market— Blacktown Markets since 1994 on Sundays. We also run an art, craft, food and gourmet produce market in Western Sydney Parklands. The Lizard Log Markets, which runs on Saturdays, since 2018. Airseekr offers the advantage of never closing. No matter the weather, seasonal or natural disturbances or a pandemic can not close it, you can still access sellers to find what you need. You can continue to find unique, vintage, retro, niche and hard-to-find items, parts, collectables, or anything else you may want to buy all year round. Airseekr is the solution to physical restrictions or the weather limiting your access to sellers. With the months of lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, people’s love and need for marketplace items never waned. It was just impossible to physically seek for what they wanted. Our vision for Airseekr is to offer a platform to match buyers with sellers in a safe environment that operates together with our physical locations. Airseekr exists solely to connect buyers with sellers to provide a simple, secure shopping experience. We have the experience and access to thousands of buyers and sellers through our physical markets. Airseekr reimagines shopping for new and pre-loved goods.

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