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Connecting people with spaces - Making the booking the easiest part of doing business

Connecting people with spaces - Making the booking the easiest part of doing business
With over 10,000 registered users, our platform helps connect people who want space with people who have it. You simply list your space and the platform will do the rest in terms of speaking with potential activations and finding you variations of usages that add value to your event. The business can apply for the space in a seamless engagement either on the web or via our mobile application which is pushed to you for review. Every booking requires your approval, giving you the ulitmate control of what activates. You can see what the business wants to do, how they will be presenting and ratings from other events. During your listing you can excluded usages you do not want at your event and vendors will be automatacially notified if they are there with a similar type usage before they make their request Our technology is built with a combination of retail experts & highly regarded technology heavyweights creating **the airbnb of retail**. We are focused on building a solution that adds value to a vendor and an organiser to achieve a friction less process. With **no fees for organisers** to list their spaces we are the industry leaders in short term pop-up activations. If you are looking to have new and innovative businesses attend your market or community event get in touch with us today and join us in our vision to **make booking space the easiest part of doing business**. Helping better connect business and communities

RezExpert Market Management Software

DigitalRez Australia
RezExpert Market Management Software
The RezExpert Market Management System is a feature management system ideally suited to the unique booking requirements of the “Markets & Fairs”. Advanced features like Online stall bookings and Online accounts payments, Membership rules & Promotional deals deliver real benefits to the management team saving you hours every month in administration time. Our local training and help desk are available 9-5pm M-F with emergency support available 24/7. RezExpert delivers enhanced stall holder services while decreasing the management time required to successfully deliver regular markets resulting in increased revenue and stall holder satisfaction with a lot less stress! Low monthly rental with no lock in contract. Since 2001, DigitalRez Australia has delivered management solutions for the New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) Our other clients comprise of accommodation, tour/event ticketing systems and community markets accross Australia and New Zealand. With offices in Australia, Canada and Barbados, DigitalRez has been operating for over 27 years providing solutions to the hospitality sector world-wide with our RezExpert suite.

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