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Wacky Whistles - Wholesale for Stallholders

Wacky Whistles - Wholesale for Stallholders
Wacky Whistles - Wholesale for Stallholders
Wacky Whistles PTY LTD
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ATTENTION STALLHOLDERS - The great Nicola Tesler said to think of the universe in terms of “energy, frequency and vibration” Wacky whistles vibrate in the mouth when being used and produce sound frequency , and while being used they raise the happy energy of the person as well. So the vibration happens while being pressed to the roof of the mouth and it travels through the pallet into the brain , so its stimulating pleasurably the grey matter 😊 and in cultures around the world they click the top of the pallet with the tongue to help stimulate the third eye as a form of spiritual awakening . but I’m not endorsing that , but the vibrations of the wacky whistle are millions of vibrations comparatively. To the above technique Next is frequency , because the wacky whistle makes auditory frequency the operator or seller can actually control what frequency he/she produces , and the skilled use of this actually endorses/compels people to come and find out what the noise is , so in effect you are actually able to induce through frequency people to walk to your stall instead of spruiking all day or alternatively watching people just walking passed without have an element of control in the matter Third is energy , the user / seller while using the wacky whistle id actually experiencing and emotional energy boost which in human beings is highly attractive and very appealing to our species there is also the curiosity factor as well , people approach purely out of curiosity. This is where the 4th advantage occurs your stall now becomes interactive. Hand the whistle to the prospective client and explain and demonstrate the product reassure the customer that you will help the through the learning discovery process, and of course upgrade the sale to a $20 sale this activity and laughter brings more people to your shop, which make the skill of the teacher very important so that the onlookers are compelled to buy. Remembering of course, now comes the 5th advantage, the customer walks around the event using the product producing curiosity in the people and when people see your stall they are have usually made up their mind to buy one and join the fun. If you are wanting to create a hype around your stall call me today and secure this product in your stall at your market before someone else does.