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City Rural Insurance


Market Stall Insurance

Phone: 1300 887 429



Want broader market stall cover with fewer exclusions? Want cover for a wider range of products? We have it!

City Rural Insurance Brokers are the market leader in Market Stall Insurance. The reasons are clear. We don’t pull a cover package off the shelf that ‘almost’ meets your needs. We do more. Our brokers’ talk to our clients to find out precisely what the cover needs to do… and we tailor the cover to suit. This provides the best cover at the lowest possible price but more importantly, when it all goes pear shaped and you make a claim, our insurers will not try to wriggle out of paying up. Ask our competitors about that… and make sure you look over their policy exclusions. Think you’ll be covered? Think again!

City Rural Insurance Brokers:  we work for you – when you buy and when you claim. 

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